Our inn puts you close to all of the area’s exciting points of interest

The River Edge Inn is surrounded by local attractions that will keep you busy from sun up to sun down or let you relax and watch the world go by. It’s your choice!

You’ll find plenty of fun things to do in family friendly, relaxing Colonial Beach. Plus, you’re never far away from a half dozen locations that offer everything from metropolitan excitement to hometown quaintness.

Nearby cities include:

  • Dahlgren, VA: 16 miles
  • Montross, VA: 19 miles
  • Fredericksburg, VA: 33 miles
  • Tappahanock, VA: 34 miles
  • Washington, DC: 65 miles
  • Richmond, VA: 80 miles

Fun activities are never very far away

Things to do, places to go…


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Explore our local Colonial Beach cuisine

Whether you prefer fast food, American or Thai, seafood or classic pub fare, you’ll find it in Colonial Beach. Book your stay today and explore your dining options.

You don’t have to travel far for a fully satisfying meal

You’ll find a wide variety of dining choices to provide you with an array of flavors – whatever satisfies your craving. Visit the Riverboat on the Potomac or order pizza from Dominos. Whatever you want, you can get.

Take your pick of places to eat, all in Colonial Beach!

Denson’s Grocery (117 Washington Ave. || 804-224-4121)

Colonial Buzz Espresso Bar  (234 Colonial Ave. || 804-410-2019)

Dockside Restaurant and Blue Heron Pub

(1787 Castlewood Drive || 804-224-8726)
High Tides on the Potomac (205 Taylor Street || 804-224-8433)
Ledo’s Pizza and Pasta (700 McKinney Blvd. || 804-224-5336)
Riverboat on the Potomac (301 Beach Terrace || 804-224-7055)
OomBoon French & Thai
(201 Wilder Avenue || 804-224-0258)
The Lighthouse Restaurant
(11 Monroe Bay Avenue || 804-224-7580)
The Tides Inn Market
(Corner of Washington & Dennison || 804-214-9352)
Wilkerson’s Seafood Restaurant
(3900 McKinney Blvd. || 804-224-7117)
Domino’s Pizza (45 Beach Dr || 804-224-2334)
Hunan Diner (Corner of Washington and Colonial || 804-224-8754)
Lenny’s Diner (301 Colonial Ave. || 804-224-9675)
Nancy’s Ice Cream (301 Washington Ave. || 804-224-1212)
Ola’s Country Kitchen (1010 1st St || 804-224-9050)