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Let your visitors know all your news. Blog posts shortcode will help you. Charm the visitors with your articles.
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[dfd_blog_posts posts_to_show="3" items_offset="20" columns="3" post_content_style="full"]

Style – Choose between 4 preset styles;

Content style – Select the content displaying for your blog posts;

Animation – Choose between 14 preset animation effects;

Custom CSS Class – Type your own unique class name for the item – this is a useful option for those who want to create a specific style.
For example, you can type custom-style class and then go to Theme options -> General Options -> Custom CSS / JS -> Custom CSS and write your own CSS code with this class to get your own style;

Posts settings – Define the content to show;

Categories – You can specify the blog posts categories to show;

Posts to show – Specify the number of posts to show;

Items offset – Allows you to add the space between the blog posts;

Number of columns – Set the number of columns you’d like to show. This option is available for masonry, grid and carousel content style;

Content elements – Specify the blog posts elements you’d like to show;

Sort panel alignment – This option allows you to align the sort panel horizontally if you have already enabled it among the content elements;

Content alignment – Allows you to align the content horizontally;

Typography – Select letter spacing, font size and element tag. You can also choose the custom font family.

Default styles

Samples of preset styles without custom changes
Standard style
dark overlay style
news list style
tiny posts style

Customized styles

Some variations of style customizations of the shortcode
without media
Standard gallery post

Standard gallery post

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Quote post

Quote post

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